RazAiriee New Release


Imagine emotions and melodies coming together in a beautiful song. That's exactly what RazAiriee has done with his first single, "Disisi Mu." It's like a musical journey into the heart of the artist. Released by ByKiwiSounds, this song talks about past relationships and is a big step in RazAiriee's music career.

The magic in the music comes from the talented producer, "Qiws On The Beat." Their skill in creating stories with music makes this song something special.

"Disisi Mu" is more than just a song. It's like taking a musical trip into RazAiriee's feelings. His special voice, mixed with top-notch production, makes you feel deeply connected. This song isn't just something you listen to; it's an experience that lets you feel the artist's personal journey.

This first song doesn't just introduce RazAiriee to the music world. It's a sign of more great music to come. ByKiwiSounds, known for supporting different and real musical expressions, warmly welcomes RazAiriee into their creative family.

So, as you hear "Disisi Mu" on the radio, know that it's the beginning of something special. Stay tuned for more amazing music, as ByKiwiSounds continues to change the music scene in Brunei.

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